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Aura GmbH’s both central office and production facilities are located in Weiterstadt, just outside Frankfurt, Germany. Based on the idea that word-of-mouth is still the best and most reliably way of advertising, our products are sold exclusively via direct sales. By orientating our company’s responsibility to consumers’ health, we have been able to reach families in more than 70 countries around the globe. Such success has been achieved by prioritizing customers’ opinions and conducting continual R&D and quality control checks on product models.

Aura GmbH has manufactured the Roboclean Cleaning System. Its legendary, water-based filtration system has made the Roboclean known the world over. Today, the Roboclean Cleaning System is sold and enjoyed in over 70 countries around the world.

As sales of the product were rapidly growing, The Roboclean System’s arrival in the UK 25 years ago marked an important role in revolutionising vacuum cleaner products in this country. Then at the turn of the Roboclean UK – Monso was formed as the sole UK distributor for the Roboclean System.


Roboclean UK

Monso management team has over 25 years experience with the Roboclean System, having been involved with the system since water-based multifunctional home cleaning system launched all around Europe.

Customers nationwide are experiencing the vast benefits of using the Roboclean System in their own homes and in the workplace as an Asthma Remedy and Allergy Remedy. Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to us and we are proud of all the positive feedback we receive from our customers daily.

New customers contacting Roboclean UK – Monso will benefit from our detailed demonstrations in their own home and see for themselves the benefits of owning a Roboclean System. We also continually strive to look after our existing customers and as a result, through our loyalty program, customers can get any products on sale in our shop for Free.