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What We Are Doing

We care a healthy & convenient life

We are unique: We use a whole home approach for better results by different solutions.

We bring Wellness

We provide the products and services, including Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Bidet Toilet Seats, Water Softeners, Home Cleaning Systems, Premium Cold Press Juicers and Premium Cooking Systems that care about overall living conditions. Since the establishment, we have maintained the top position in the United Kingdom in terms of customer satisfaction.

Products We Are Supplying

We improve the quality of life through five life cares.

We expand the value of ‘Care’, which is our distinctive core competence, to provide water care, air care, body care, home care and kitchen care products and ensure that our customers are assured and enjoy all living environments, including water, air, personal hygiene, healthy food and clean home.
Our main products are home wellness appliances, including water purifiers, air purifiers, bidet toilet seats, water softeners, home cleaning systems, cold press juicers and premium cookware systems. Based on our nationally integrated brand “Monso” we are accelerating our national business through active cooperation for sales with global home appliances manufacturers.
Currently we supply a wide range of wellness appliances for your home and also we give regular service for all products you purchased from us, we are expanding our products range and implementing marketing strategies to meet our customers need, thereby achieving sustainable growth.
We consistently meet the highest industry standards in quality performance and customer service.

Home Wellness Appliances Business

We care for the health of your loved family members every day

Our Home Wellness Appliances Business has grown from the goodness that ‘We give the regular service for water purifiers for the maximum customer satisfaction for a small amount of annual fee to allow many people to enjoy clean water every day with their loved family members’. Since initiating water purifier PMS (Premium Membership Service) for the first time in the United Kingdom, we have driven innovation and led the market by expanding our water purifier business.

Health & Wellbeing

With tens of thousands of satisfied customers, Monso is the most complete and trusted Health and Wellbeing Home Appliance Supplier in the United Kingdom.

As a Life Care Company, Monso is providing new generation and amazing Health & Wellbeing Solutions to guide you and your loved family members to a healthier lifestyle.

Multifunctional Home Cleaning System

The Roboclean is the most successful and powerful cleaning system which utilise nature’s most powerful element
– Water!

The Roboclean can improve your health and wellbeing and have been medically proven to be effective for people with Asthma, Eczema and dust mite Allergies.

Water Purifier

Our water purifiers deliver the value of clean and healthy water, which is the source of life.

Many of us are lucky enough to have access to a source of relatively clean water. But just because our water is considered to be suitable for consumption by your city, doesn’t mean it’s clean enough to protect your home or your health.

In fact, water filtration is essential for remaining in control of what chemicals are able to cross over from your water into your home.

Air Purifier

Our filter technology, which integrates the world’s best air quality research capabilities, cares about healthy breaths.

We remove respiratory illness triggers and all allergens from your home by Coway air purifier systems and Roboclean Cleaning system.

We filter all of your air in your home. Since many pollutants originate from inside your home (odours, NO2, off-gasses) it is important to filter both sources by air purifiers.

We keep your home’s humidity in the optimal range of 40-60 percent by our all in one air purifiers (air purifier with humidifier and dehumidifier).

Bidet & Water Softener

More sophisticated and complete sanitary technology creates comfortable bathroom culture.

Bidets will make your life easier, keep you clean and refreshed after each use, save you money, and fascinate your peers.

Softened water is an essential your family deserves.

Everyone in your family will appreciate the Coway Bidet Toilet Seat and Water Softeners.

Home Wellness Appliances

Healthy and convenient home wellness appliances are provided to improve quality of life.

Premium Cooking Systems

An over 30-years achievement story

The awarded Simtronic Premium Cooking System is an absolute blessing for soul and heart of your family.

We have the recipe for success that has made Simtronic the market leader. Just take long standing experience, add plenty of know-how, mix with innovative power and leading soul and then dedicate lovingly to the culture of healthy delight.

Premium Cold Press Juicers

Enhance your wellbeing with our slow juicer that comes with patented technology to preserve the natural goodness in your food.

More than Just a Juicer
The Juicepresso is even more handy and convenient, thanks to its multifunctional Smart Extraction System.