You may contact us via
Customer Service Line: 020 888 666 60
[Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am–6pm][Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.]

All AS (After Service) reports shall be attended to within 24 hours. However, arrangements for technical assistance will depend on the availability of spare parts as our CTs may not have the right part on hand for certain product problems. In the event of an emergency such as leakage, we will try our best to dispatch technical assistance to tend to your needs as soon as possible.

No. You are not required to pay any labour fees unless your premium membership has expired. You have the option to renew your membership for 1, 2 or 3 years and you won’t have to pay for any charges thereafter.


Our product information is readily available at:





If you need more information, call us or leave us your number and we will call you!

There are two ways to own a Coway product - Rental and Outright Purchase:
1. Rental
A Rental Registration Fee and a one-month advance rental payment is all you need to get started
Our service team, Coway Lady (CODY) will provide complimentary periodic maintenance service throughout your rental period.
The minimum contract is 3 years, but you can rent the product for up to 5 years. After 5 years, no rental payment will be charged and the product will officially belong to you.
Should you require maintenance service after 5 years, you may subscribe to our Service Membership.
2. Outright Purchase
No installation fee is needed and you can opt for a 0% interest instalment for up to 12 months. CODY Service is complimentary for the first year and you may choose to subscribe to our Premium Membership Service after one year.


By subscribing to our Premium Membership, you are entitled to CODY's periodic maintenance service (Heart Service) which includes filter change and sanitation. All types of repairs (After Service) will be provided by Coway Technician (CT) and the spare parts will also come at no extra cost.

Simply provide us your details here and our service team will contact you as soon as possible for your renewal request. You may also contact your respective CODY for service membership renewal assistance.

The service period varies for each category of Coway product:
Water purifier, air purifier and water softener—every 6 months