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An about 40-year success story

Simtronic cookware has a rich history, since late 1980’ Simtronic has been in business in European countries and the rest of world, to the memories of meals prepared and shared in different communities and homes during this time.

The recipe to be success that has made Simtronic the market leader is very clear; take plenty of know-how, add quite longstanding experience, mix with innovative durability and pioneering soul and then dedicate lovingly to the culture of healthy enjoyment. And so we can look back at over 40 year experience and present you the best cooking system in the market.

Simtronic started in our customers’ homes with demonstration. Simtronic is an exceptional product offering real benefits and an effective sales strategy by home demonstrations. Today, Simtronic is manufactured in Italy and sold under license to the “SWS” and “Simtronic” International brand. Since late 1980 we have grown from strength to strength, offering a superior product represented by a dynamic and driven team of sales consultants and managers, backed up by a top class support centre.

Experience has taught us many lessons in our business and has enabled us to become a leader in cookware. 

Simtronic Mission Statement

Integrity is a milestone of our business practices and decisions at Simtronic – we believe in doing the right thing, for the right reason and with the right person. Our lifetime guarantee on all cookware systems we manufacture is testament to the pride we take in our product, and the peace of mind we offer our customers when they invest in Simtronic Premium Cookware Systems.

And as a result we manufacture the sustainable products:
– Save on food costs by using less oils and fats;
– Save electricity and gas costs by cooking on low to medium temperatures and cutting back on oven use;
– Buy cookware once. If cared for correctly your cookware system will outlive you and more than likely be passed on to your grandkids.

The premium cooking system
The multi award winning Simtronic Premium System is an absolute blessing for your soul and heart. Because firstly it makes healthy, delight, quick, easy and sure to succeed. And secondly, the Simtronic cooking methods – cooking without addition of water, frying without addition of fat or oil, quick-cooking, baking, gratinating and even automatic-cooking – guarantee gentle handling of foodstuff and high nutritional value of food. And by the way: Simtronic is the best proof that healthy delight tastes simply delicious.


Edelstall Company Group

Edelstaal Company Group was founded in 1981 and it is formed by Turkish-Italian-English-Swiss partners. It consists of organizations and companies that are active in different sectors. Their group exports the brands “Simtronic” and “SWS” especially to Europe and the rest of the world. These brands are produced in a factory in Italy. Our company and its products are a brand in their sectors with their 28 years of history.

Our company is increasing its investment moves since 80’s. As a consequence, our company transformed into a massive structure that employs 1300 people, comparing to 50-60 employees in early 80’s. Our company became one of the leading companies in Aegean region, comparing to one vacation village land as the only investment in 80’s. As you would understand, in order to be a leading company, it is important to take right decisions with the right people. As a conclusion, the best advantage of our company is to take the right decisions with the right people. We have to fathom and absorb this idealistic gain also in our lives no matter what.