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We Believe in Goodness


“We cheerfully pursue unexplored paths together,
believing that the sum of our actions creates a better world”


We believe that the sum of our actions will eventually create a better world to live in.

We work with conviction and self-esteem that we care about people’s health and make their life convenient, thereby leading changes in the market. We take ‘Goodness’ as our business philosophy that we contribute to creating a better world through what we are doing.


Healthy Environment Happy People

Together as a team, our journey of unearthing new possibilities, new solutions and new beginnings will continue for generations to come. We simply believe that a better world is possible when actions – of any sizes – are taken.

Monso offers a wide range of the latest and greatest home appliances for the kitchen, bathroom and your home, at an affordable price that makes them available to everyone who aspires to make their home the best and healthy it can be.

We believe that every household deserves to experience the advantages of time, energy and cost saving appliances, as well as products that simply make life at home that little bit more enjoyable. By becoming experts, we have been able to make cost savings that we can pass on to our customers, meaning our customers always get a great deal on the reliable, high quality products they demand.

What Makes Us Different

Every new product we add to our range is specially selected to meet the needs of our customer base, and goes through scrupulous testing to make sure it meets our high standards. We are the Sole and Main UK Distributor of all products that Monso supply to you and our customers only receive service and support directly from us. This means we can be experts on every products we stock, and you can get help and advice directly from the experts and not from a ‘middle-man’.


The Life Care Company

At Monso, we strive to make the world a better place, a cleaner place and a safer place. Our future generations deserve the best in everything – clean water, fresh air and a pristine environment. This is our vision. Our dream. Our pledge.

Cordial Life Care Science & Solution Company

As a brand that ultimately cares for all aspects of our customers’ life, we will always be with our customers based on the brand vision of ‘The Life Care Company’.

Furthermore, we are trying to deliver a key message we want to share with our customers through our brand slogan of ‘‘LIFE.CARE.COMPANY’ based on our unique core competence ‘Care’.

We always dwell on what kind of values and satisfaction we can deliver to our customers with the brand Monso. We strive to care for our customers’ happiness and realize our vision and promises on improving the quality of life by offering the best care solutions.

Monso's Innovation for Clean Water, Air and Home

Aiming to provide a cleaner and healthier lifestyle to customers, Monso has set its brand objective.
Monso’s Solutions allow customers to enjoy a naturally pure, clean, and healthy lifestyle, just like the colour blue.

As a brand that carries out clean innovations for the customers, Monso will always be a part of its customer’s lives, caring for each customer’s happiness and improving the quality of their lives. To achieve this goal, Monso will innovate its products, share the value of a healthy lifestyle and overcome limits with its open innovation.

Core Values

Everything we do is based around our core values of honesty, respect and commitment. As a Sole and Main UK Distributor of Worldwide International Companies, it makes sense for us to honour these traditional values, which we do both through the attitude amongst our team members, and through our approach to customer service.

By being open and honest with each other and with our customers, we can tackle problems and find solutions more efficiently. We appreciate and respect ideas and opinions from everyone within the business, and also find feedback from our customers extremely valuable. After all, we are all working towards and same goal of Customer Satisfaction!

We strive to remain committed to each other and to our customers, from the seemingly trivial tasks right up to critical business decisions, knowing that our reputation relies on success at every point along that spectrum. Our team won’t give up until they’ve found exactly which product is suitable for your family as comfortable size, best design and proper capacity, and Monso won’t give up until we find you the useful, dependable products you want, at the prices you’re happy with.

Because if you’re happy, we’re happy!