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Roboclean SPlus is manufactured by IHEVA Holding, one of the leading companies of Turkey that targets realization of all expectations of its customers in the most quality and fast way, develops all production and service activities in this process and aims protection of nature.

IHEVA Holding products are manufactured in production plants having superior technology infrastructure in the direction of ISO-9001 guidelines and offered to consumers in accordance with international standards under ever developing strong R&D and Quality Management. As well as production without sacrificing quality, as a result of our sensitivity to environment, CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is conducted in our production plants.

In consequence of our “health and customer” focused policy we have been continuing since 1996, Roboclean Systems has reached millions of consumers all around the world.

This product coming to the forefront with the design elements such as productivity, silence and user friendly is considered worthy to design awards titled “RedDot Design Award 2013”, “Good Design 2015”, “Iconic Awards 2016” and “IF Design 2016”

Roboclean System is not an objective for this target but an instrument. We are very happy to manufacture this equipment for health of our customers.

IHEVA Holding


IHEVA Holding was found in 1970 by establishing Media, Construction and Marketing. The core businesses are Ihlas Media Holding, Ihlas Construction Holding and Ihlas Marketing and Investment Holding.

Ihlas Home Appliances Manufacturing Industry and Trade Co. (IHEVA) produces high quality household appliances, mainly home cleaning systems, water purification systems and electrical kitchen wares. IHEVA products are sold and distributed around the world over the 70 countries

TQM (Total Quality Management) system, which has been created practical since 2005, was expanded to include all company functions and certificated within ISO 9001:2008 by international certification institution in 2012 by preparing Corporate Carbon Footprint Report within sustainability and environmental studies.