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Healthy Environment, Happy People

Healthy Environment, Happy People

Together as a team, our journey of unearthing new possibilities, new solutions and new beginnings will continue for generations to come. We simply believe that a better world is possible when actions – of any sizes – are taken.

Monso offers a wide range of the latest and greatest home appliances for the kitchen, bathroom and your home, at an affordable price that makes them available to everyone who aspires to make their home the best and healthy it can be.

What Makes Us Different

Every new product we add to our range is specially selected to meet the needs of our customer base, and goes through scrupulous testing to make sure it meets our high standards. We are the Sole and Main UK Distributor of all products that Monso supply to you and our customers only receive service and support directly from us. This means we can be experts on every products we stock, and you can get help and advice directly from the experts and not from a ‘middle-man’.

What We Believe

We believe that every household deserves to experience the advantages of time, energy and cost saving appliances, as well as products that simply make life at home that little bit more enjoyable. By becoming experts, we have been able to make cost savings that we can pass on to our customers, meaning our customers always get a great deal on the reliable, high quality products they demand.