BA13 A/B

Coway Bidet BA13 A/B

The cleaner way - Coway`s premium bidet


Max 0.5 ℓ/ min
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The hardened stainless steel prevents bacterial contamination and foreign matters from building up.

The instant hot water system reduces power consumption by 60 % versus conventional storage tank systems.

The three part sensor system ensures safety by shutting off equipment in potentially hazardous conditions. PBA molding forms a waterproof, airtight unit that prevents moisture penetration.

During the initial stage of pre-cleaning the incoming water, the mesh filter removes particulate matters.

You can personally control the cleaning flow spread from strong concentrated stream to softly spread stream.

An air pump injects bubbles into the water stream for softer, gentler feel.

Twin nozzles provide users higher satisfaction by fulfilling individual needs for nozzle position.

All functions are managed from an easy to use, intuitive remote control.


BA13-AR/AE/BR/BE Specification
Model BA13-AR/AE
Warm water
cleansing device
(Storage heater)
Rear cleansing 1 minute, Max. 0.18 gal/min (0.7 l/min),
Self-cleaning nozzle
Front cleansing 1 minute, Max. 0.18 gal/min (0.7 l/min),
Self-cleaning nozzle
Water Pressure 3 levels
Water temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Power consumption
1 250 W
Air dryer device Air temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Operate time 2 minutes
Power consumption
180 W
Heated seat Seat temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Power consumption
60 W
Filtration Mesh filter
Other functions Stainless steel twin nozzle, Nozzle position adjustment,
Move, Air+ water stream, Eco mode, (Wide, Deodorization, Sterilization : BA13-B only)
Safety devices Bimetal, Temperature sensor,
Temperature fuse, micro swith
Control type Remote control
(W x D x H)
Round 382 x 493 x 144 mm
(15 x 19.4 x 5.7 inch) (BA13-AR/BR)
Elongate 382 x 528 x 144 mm
(15 x 20.8 x 5.7 inch) (BA13-AE/BE)
Net Weight Round 4 kg (8.8 lb) (BA13-AR)
Elongate 4.2 kg (9.3 lb) (BA13-AE/BE)
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice